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Of course, you would love to buy a brand-new, shiny vending body, but things the way they are, not everyone is going to have the opportunity to buy brand-new. Mickey Genuine Parts realizes this and can empathize with that kind of situation. We have not been a family owned and operated business for the last hundred years and learned nothing about people in the world of trucking and transportation! Accidents happen. Things need to be replaced or repaired. And it’s not always cost-effective to do that with brand-new parts and units. That’s why we offer as many refurbished vehicles and parts as we possibly can. They carry the same stellar reputation behind them that all of our new stock and fabricated parts and vehicles do. They have to – we’re Mickey after all. 

Why Buy Used Vending Bodies from Mickey Genuine Parts?

The name Mickey represents reliability and quality. When you create quality products like we do, you want to be absolutely sure that the same excellence and value goes into each and every part, truck, trailer, accessory, etc. Both our new and used products go through stringent inspections before they are made available to the public. We have an excellent Mickey Customer Support Hotline that communicates with concerned customers via a live individual. No automated service, no robot, no hassle.

If you would like to see what we have to offer in the line of used vending bodies, check out our inventory or call the hotline to speak to someone today.

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