1. Front Radius Hood for 96" Wide Van Body Front Radius Hood for 96" Wide Van Body
    Part Number: 6000622
    Mickey Price  
  2. Front Radius Hood for 102" Wide Van Body Front Radius Hood for 102" Wide Van Body
    Part Number: 6100422
    Mickey Price  
  3. Front Cap rail (Skin & Post) Front Cap rail  (Skin & Post)
    Part Number: 5106606
    Mickey Price  
  4. Front cap rail (FRP) Front cap rail (FRP)
    Part Number: 5103059
    Mickey Price  
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There are many reasons why a van hood would need replacement. This could be due to damage, age, natural wear and tear and even for upgrade purposes. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that the hood used to replace the old one is of higher quality, so that you can be assured that it will last even longer than the previous one. Mickey Genuine Parts stocks a variety of van hoods which can be used for repair and replacement purposes, and is therefore the first place you should look for them. 

Why Buy Van Hoods from Mickey Genuine Parts?

Quality is the one thing you will be assured of when you buy van hoods from Mickey Genuine Parts. We have a selection of van hoods made of high quality materials and using proven methods to ensure that the resultant product is durable. In addition to providing quality hoods, Mickey Genuine Parts also offers excellent support for all our shoppers. If you need any technical advice, you can talk to one of our customer care staff members and they will be happy to help you. The fact that they have in-depth knowledge of all the items in our inventory means that they will certainly give you useful information. Another reason to buy from us is that you will benefit from expedited shipping, particularly if you order your hood before 2PM EST.

For high quality van hoods, browse through our inventory today!

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