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For all those proud owners of Mickey beverage trailers, we here at Mickey Genuine Parts have good news for you! We know full well that the only way to ensure replacement parts or accessories being a perfect fit for your Mickey trailer is for you to use our parts. And we know that you may not always be in a position to buy brand new parts. So we offer a number of clearance items at reduced prices. And we provide the same expedited shipping methods that we offer with all our stock items. As long as you get your order to us before 2 PM EST, we can ship the same day.

Why Buy Beverage Trailer Clearance Items from Mickey Genuine Parts?

As previously mentioned, you don’t always have the liquid assets with which to purchase brand-new parts. The same guarantee applies to our clearance items as does our non-clearance items. And because they are Mickey Genuine Parts, you can rest assured that our “Get It Right the First Time” commitment still applies. Each of our parts is carefully checked to ensure that it arrives at our customer’s door with no flaws and no hassle.

Each of our parts exhibit characteristics specific to the component but all-inclusive in our method of manufacture; namely – superior appearance, enhanced strength, requiring minimal maintenance, outstanding durability, and ease of operation. Today, there are more than 100,000 beverage trailers and truck bodies by Mickey on roads all over the world.

Call today to order your clearance items from Mickey Genuine Parts.

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