Who knew that there were so many working parts to a beverage trailer? Well, we at Mickey Genuine Parts know. Even if you’re not sure which hand truck rack part you need, our experienced and knowledgeable sales/parts staff can help you figure it out and get that part in your hands in speedy fashion. How speedy? If you place your order by 2 PM EST, and it is an in-stock part, we can ship it out the same day. And we have a wide array indeed of in-stock parts. Fabricated parts will be sent via an expedited three-day shipping method. Either way, you’re going to have that part practically before you even miss it. 

Why Buy Beverage Trailer Hand Truck Racks from Mickey Genuine Parts?

Why is it so important that we get your parts and accessories to you quickly? Customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves not only on quality materials and service, but place great emphasis on the importance of satisfied customers. It is a way of doing business that has served us well for over 100 years. This family owned and operated company has placed over 100,000 Mickey trucks and trailers on roads worldwide and we show no sign of slowing down. We know that you don’t want to slow down either because time is money.

So give us a call today so that we can get your Mickey trailer hand truck rack item to you and get you back on the road. 

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