1. Mickey E-Lock Controller Mickey E-Lock Controller
    Part Number: 6601439
    Mickey Price  
  2. Safety Vision BackUp System# SV-CLCD5.6B Safety Vision BackUp System# SV-CLCD5.6B
    Part Number: 6009018
    Mickey Price  
  3. Grab Handle Ends Grab Handle Ends
    Part Number: 6009990
    Mickey Price  
  4. Lighted Grab handle Lighted Grab handle
    Part Number: 6500166
    Mickey Price  
  5. 24" Chrome Grab Handle 24" Chrome Grab Handle
    Part Number: 6004402
    Mickey Price  
  6. SHORING BAR F-TRK 92"-106" SHORING BAR F-TRK 92"-106"
    Part Number: 6001486
    Mickey Price  
    Part Number: 6913680
    Mickey Price  
  8. 4 Hole Bumper Pad 4 Hole Bumper Pad
    Part Number: 6800900
    Mickey Price  
  9. Mickey 24" Door Strap Mickey 24" Door Strap
    Part Number: 6604704
    Mickey Price  
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In any van, the presence of safety components is necessary, and in many jurisdictions, it is illegal to lack them. If you use your van to carry out work that involves handling hazardous materials or in areas where injury is likely, such safety components are even more necessary. Mickey Genuine Parts stocks a wide variety of van safety components so that you can easily find whichever you need for your van.

Why Buy Van Safety Components from Mickey Genuine Parts?

Having safety components in your van has many benefits. It reduces the chances of becoming the victim of theft, and also makes it safer for you in case of issues such as breakdowns. Having some of these components is therefore very important. Mickey Genuine Parts stocks a wide variety of safety components that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Each of the products is made with high quality and priced competitively. With more than 100 years of experience in the business, you can trust Mickey Genuine Parts to offer you nothing but the best. For technical information regarding any of the safety components, you can always consult our dedicated parts team, who is very knowledgeable about the products carried in our inventory.

For great deals in safety components for your van, go through our inventory today!

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