1. Spring Pin 5/8" Short Hex Zinc Plated Spring Pin 5/8" Short Hex Zinc Plated
    Part Number: 6604686
    Mickey Price  
  2. Half Cooler Shelves Half Cooler Shelves
    Part Number: 7400409
    Mickey Price  
  3. 10 Bay Cola Rack 10 Bay Cola Rack
    Part Number: 4952664
    Mickey Price  
  4. 2 bay Pass/Driver Side Shelves 2 bay Pass/Driver Side Shelves
    Part Number: 4956585
    Mickey Price  
  5. Shelves for Full Front Cooler Shelves for Full Front Cooler
    Part Number: 4000058
    Mickey Price  
  6. Tape Measure Decal 72" roll Tape Measure Decal 72" roll
    Part Number: 6500186
    Mickey Price  
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You’re going to have little success with your canteen van or truck without any shelves upon which to hold supplies and equipment. In order to get back up and running (or to get up and running in the first place) you’re going to want those canteen shelves and racks to come quickly after you order them. At Mickey Genuine Parts, we know how important it is not to waste time getting our products out to our customers. We purposely maintain a large inventory of stock items. If you can get your order to us by 2 PM EST, we can begin the shipping process of your stock order that same day. If you order a fabricated item, we will still begin the shipping process within three days of your order. Mickey understands that without the correct equipment, your money making capabilities are extremely hampered. 

Why Buy Custom Canteen Shelving Racks from Mickey Genuine Parts?

For more than 100 years Mickey has been on the leading edge of the trucking and transportation industry. We have partnered with relevant companies such as McKenzie Industries Incorporated, Vulcan Spring, Rear View Safety, Maxon, Interstate Batteries, and others. We run a family owned and operated business that has remained at the top of its game through the years and shows no sign of slowing down now.

Our e-commerce website offers a detailed look at our canteen custom products. Take a look and put your order in today to begin the process of equipping yourself with the best in the industry from Mickey Genuine Parts.

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